Monday, 29 April 2013

About Positivity

In the western world, Positivity is the new religion.

The world is now basically divided into Islam, Hinduism, Boeddhism and Positivism.

We humans always need something to believe in; Christianity is on the way out, so something must fill the void, and it seems to be the P-word.

Over the past years I have been told so many times to be positive, that I've become really negative about positivism.

The next time someone will ask me "have you read The Secret?" I will say "yes", pull that book out of my sleeve and use it to hit them on the head. The hard cover version. The gift-box, with the CD attached to it in hard plastic.

Then I will seek refuge in a bar, a really dark jazz-bar, because I desperately need to meet one of those last dinosaurs: someone who will be passionately negative. 

I picture him to be in his 70's. He's got a beard of 5 days and the bags under his eyes have bags. 

Half drunk behind his Johnny Walker, he is flirting with the smoke of his cigar. He must be an intellectual though, say Leonard Cohen or Paolo Conte, so we will have a great night, talking about 3000 years of war. Some Auschwitz in the mix. And Blues in the background.

What a pity I work in marketing, that world where you scan your meta-tags on a daily basis to make sure they are framed positivily. For positivism is popular. Positivism attracts. Everyone wants to hang around with positive people. A positive product sells, a positive event is sold out 5 nights in a row.
Humans fly towards positivism as to the only lightbulb in a pitch black world.

If you want to collect Likes on Facebook, if you want to be popular, invited to everything, loved, make a promotion, have success, earn money... you have to be positive.

Wait... now I am probably motivating you to become more positive. 

That's not the intention. 

No, that's not true, I'm a liar. 

Just as any human, I'm attracted to positive people. They make things happen.
They believe something is possible, and thus make it reality.
Positive people are the engine behind everything. Every party, every event, every club... every festival, product, achievement started with one person who was positive. 
Being so, they are a little lighter in a dark bar. They create the world, and all of us profit from it.
So, yes, bring it on, you positivos!
There will always be plenty of others to bring realism to the mix. Don't let them get you down. 

(And if they do, just join me for a nice night in a dark bar, with jazz music and we'll discuss Sartre and modern day slavery - I see a lot of positive things in negativity).

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