Thursday, 2 May 2013

About Dreams

It's not difficult to achieve your dream.
That is easy.
The problem starts when you have several dreams. Dreams that collide or dreams that obstruct each other.
You want to be a construction worker, but also live in the desert.
You want to have a Masaratti, but also 3 children at university.
Be rich, but also live a calm, peaceful life.
Be a well earning marketing consultant, but also live in a remote hilltop village.
If you have one goal, it's not difficult to reach it. All you want is to run the 100 meters in under 10 seconds? You'll make it. But in the mean time you also want to enjoy the landscape and try this picturesque country road on the right or the left?
Not only will you not run the 100 meters in under 10 seconds, you will not thoroughly enjoy the views either, and be forever frustrated that you never knew where this picturesque road actually leads to.
Now frustration sets in. The sense of being 'a loser'. To not have fulfilled your dreams.
You are being bombarded with images of people 'who fulfilled their dream'. They are everywhere (well, on YouTube they are, on Facebook, on television... but if you check around you you wouldn't be able to spot one).
What a loser you are.
So, how is you finding the absolutely right balance between all your dreams, finding the best of all worlds - turning you into 'a loser'?  I'd say you are richer and wealthier than any one-trick-pony.
Having dreamed for 10 years of going to Iceland, and then pouring much money into achieving that dream, and having spent months preparing for that trip - and then actually climbing over glaciers... I can tell you that fulfilling dreams is rather unsatisfactory.
Is that all it is? I had pictured the mountains to be higher, the plains to be more deserted, the ice fields to be purer and larger... what I am standing here between the tourist coaches and truckloads of tourists taking pictures of that one single, small iceberg?
I wish I had gone to climb Kilimanjaro...
I no longer dream of Iceland, nor the Kilimanjaro. That trip is easy to conjure up in the mind. I can do that from my home, feel the wind and the cold and the sense of being alone in an African savannah. Without the mosquitos.
I no longer need my dosis of excitement in Six Flags or on a roller coaster in an entertainment park. Hey, I move about on a blue ball, it is spinning, and turning around a huge yellow ball, and together we twirl through a solar system, which goes, woosh, through an unimaginable universe. What on earth do I need a rollercoaster for??
As every day isn't rollercoaster enough, if not around me, then within me. With our emotions, who needs drugs?
We carry the whole universe in ourselves, every aspect of it and every experience.
You are the Ferrari, the car itself is just metal with paint.
Don't be frustrated about not living your dream. Fully unaware of it, you are living it. Every little step of your life, has brought you here. All the tiny tubes and threads in your head, all the elements of your character and temperament, all the experiences of your childhood and youth, all your physical specifics, all your sensitivities and knowledge of what you could cope with and what not... all of these things have brought you here.
You don't think you know better than them, do you?
Dreaming is nice, is good, is healthy and is beautiful. But don't ever forget you are already living it too. 

Where you are right now, is exactly the place where you need to be. 

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