Monday, 13 May 2013

About Friendship

So, nowadays we say that this or that person is 'a Facebook friend'. 

That is as much as saying: "I've got nothing to do with that creep"! 

We use the word 'friends' all day long; there are sayings about good neighbours being better than far away friends; songs about friendship being an illusion; and a TV show about friends ran 9 seasons long and turned an army of actors, writers and half of Hollywood into billionaires...

Friendship touches a nerve accross all countries, cultures and classes. 

So what, if a far away friend is not as good as a good neighbour? A good neighbour is a friend. He or she displays all the characteristics, respect and understanding, at the right time at the right moment in the right dosis; and consequently is the right sort of friendship at the right time and place. 

So what, if friendship is 'an illusion'? Can we live without illusions, especially one as beautiful as this one? 

There is no such thing as just '2 ships passing in the night'; for at that moment in time, in that situation, during that passing by and exchanging a silent flash light greeting, they are each others' life rescuers. 

I'd rather have that illusion-far-away-temporary thing than anything else in the world. 

They say 'friends help each other with everything'. As though we're an association of handymen. Which only shows how difficult it is for us to define friendship, or tell what it actually is. 

Personally I believe: friends are those people who lift each other up to a higher level. 

We are all climbing. We want to climb. It's in our nature to climb. To go higher, increase our potential, ensure that we leave life as a better person than when we arrived. 

The hand that comes down from the sky to pull us up; that hand belongs to a person who is or will become a true friend. 

At one point that hand will be exhausted, it will loose the energy or focus to climb... and then we are the ones to stop and help our friend to climb further. 

'Choose your friends wisely'. I believe that not a single quote in this whole blog is as important as this one. 

Do not look for better advice in this blog - or anywhere else for that matter -  not regarding happiness nor regarding a career, not regarding motivation and not regarding remuneration, not regarding health nor regarding success in online marketing - as this one. 

If you wish to turn your life into a long, wide, tranquil river; this is the source. Friendship.  

There will be friends who will wish you to stay with them, forever stuck and content on the same rock. Or will wish to bring you down. A friendship can be a chain, a dog lead or even a poison. 

There will be times you wonder 'what on earth am I doing in this friendship'? Asking that question, is knowing the answer. 

Are you going to end that friendship? Are you going to use it for self-development, and analyse what it is in the other that made you friends in the first place?  Or... are you going to be a true friend and help the other to get onto a better frequency?  

The chemical reaction named friendship is a massively strong one. It can propel 2 people towards the stars, just as it can bring 2 people down. 

The one who reaces for the stars, should be the strongest hand. 

That can be exhausting. You might bump into 9 seasons of objections, misunderstanding, refusal, negativity... someone who has sat on the same rock for years, has developed rusty limbs. If not, resistant ones. No elephant might be able to pull him or her higher. 

In such an occasion, you might have to let go. But not until you have done everything you could. 

For in the first place, you need to be a good friend, you need to develop your friendship muscle. 

If we want to have good friends, we have to put ourselves onto the friendship frequency. 

Do not give a person what he wants. Nor what he needs. Pull him up towards that shimmering light up there. That star we all feel that exists. 

Our potential. 

Friends are people who help each other detect and climb towards their potential. 

We all want to shine, and friends are the ones who are going to make that happen, and we for them. 


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