Monday, 6 May 2013

About Love

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold met as teenagers. They became friends. 

Three years later 13 people died at their hands at the Columbine High School Massacre. 

Would they never have met, nothing much would have happened. But this inexplicable friendship shaped a Perfect Storm: dominant, sadistic boy meets depressed inferiority complex.

Any friendship is a variation of 'being in love'. For it creates a chemical reaction, resulting in something that is bigger than the sum of the parts. You could say it's a third person. 

Nor Bill nor Hillary would ever have made it to president of the United States. It was Billary who did that. Brangelina is world famous. Both Nicolae and Elena were breathtakingly mediocre people - but 'the Ceausescu's' were a dragon from hell. 

For our genes are not always aspiring to find that partner who will optimize the chances of our offspring. It can be something else too. 

'I love youbecause you have what I'm lacking. And I have what you lack'.

I'm too much Brain and you too much Heart. Together we find an ideal equilibrium, improving both of us, polishing our edges and make ourselves more healthy and happy. 

Our genes are over the moon with that. They just want to reproduce, ad nauseam, and want to find the most optimized 'recipe' for survival.  

Look at that too tall man with that tiny girl. Their genes would not want to create a giant nor dwarf. Look at that extrovert with the extravert, the  intellectual with the Lolita, the shrewd businessman with the innocent blonde. 

Mind, we do not have to reproduce together - I can also use your useful lesson for my reproduction with someone else  - nor do we have to leave babies of flesh and blood; our collision can result in something completely new, powerful and immaterial.

Let the friendship between you and me be a good love. May the magnets that draw us together, result in something good. Let's leave a 'baby' that contributes and builds, rather than destroys. 

I believe even the relationship between a writer and a reader is one of love. 

Every very interesting conversation in a bar is, and every moment of silence shared by two strangers is. 

Agree with me or don't. React positivily or negativily, that doesn't matter. 

For on our own, we are rough and sharp stones. It is only by being dragged down this furious river called life, colliding with and bumping into other stones, that is making us round and smooth; a brilliant beautiful stone at the riverbank, shining in the sun. 


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