Monday, 6 May 2013

About Marketing

In order to excel in marketing, one needs to understand humans.  

This blog was born on the same day as this insight.

More: in order to understand humans, you need to understand yourself. 

For what is marketing? It is opening the door as wide as possible, between your product and your market. And you, as marketer, are that door. 

You are the door, the doorman and the person on the street handing out flyers or asking people to come in. 

Just as the youngster at the door of a discotheque, you are not only asking this to the right people with the right, trendy attire, you also need to be like them. 

I could never be very good at organizing a marketing campaign directed at Americans. Nor at those who like soccer and beer. I excel in marketing towards that part of the market that likes Jack Daniels, listens to Jazz and buys Mercedes. 

That might sound arrogant. Which it does so, because it is. 

But there you go; I did not choose to grow up there, finding myself as a baby in that corner of 'the market'; and so, naturally and organically, it has become 'the market' I live and breathe, understand, make a connection with, and the people there connecting with me. 

'Know thyself'. 

How is it that such a simple expression has become the most famous, most known and most appreciated of all ancient Greek aphorisms? 

How come that people, very intelligent people, people you'd think to have read tens of thousands of pages of Supreme Literature, rave about that one single aphorism? 

You would think that more intelligent things have been said since the era of ancient Greece. And aren't there dozens and dozens of more spectacular, heartbreaking or extremely funny sayings or quotes? Every single day you find thousands of them on Facebook. 

So why was this one carved in the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, and we remember it 2200 years down the line? 

For it is the most wise insight of them all. 

Having wandered over this earth for 45 years, I tend to state it's almost the only thing that matters. 

If you know yourself, you will know people. 
If you know yourself, you will be happy. 
If you know yourself, you will be a success. 
If you know yourself, you know the enemy, and you will win the war.  

Why is a SEO and marketing strategist writing about human emotions?  This is why. 

This blog is about marketing, and thus about humans... and thus about you and you going on an exploration of you, all your caves, sunny and shadowy sides, up to the smallest corners of your mind and body. 

Analyse your own behaviour... and you know everything you need to know about high rankings in search engines, about Branding and about website conversion. 

My thanks to all my friends out there who help me to understand people. When someone asks me how I get these high rankings in search engines, I can only say: because of my friends. You make me fly. 


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