Wednesday, 8 May 2013

About Now

Now is the most difficult moment to live in.

Your fingers are already itching to click forward or backwards; living THIS moment though is hard. Whereas you should stay. 

It doesn't matter how intelligible or dumb the words are you are reading right now. Or how much you agree with them or not. Or to what extent you are aware of them. This is simply a pure excercise in living the here and now.

Take a FEW seconds to think about it:  Just how many times do you act and seem to be a living person... but you are simply not there? 
Your thoughts are in the past, or in the future, with the bill at the table miles away or a problem at the office where you are not. 

And there is nothing as rich, full, 4-dimensional and beautiful as the here and now. 

Don't throw that away.
Living in the now is an excercise in happiness, health, beauty - everything. 

Do yourself a favour every day and stop for one moment to truly try to experience and enjoy the NOW. Hold it, for just a few minutes. It is so rare, that you will feel refreshed and inspired, as though you had been on an excursion - or a vacation to a new place.

Through assimilation, it will become a habit. Which you can pull up every time you feel bored, or restless, or - our natural state - vague.

NOW is also the best moment to start practising that.

It doesn't matter if your current state is a 'negative' one: feeling sad or depressed or sceptical. Those too are human emotions that you need to go through, come with their beauty and purpose (if only because we can only achieve the summit if we've gone through the valley). 

I wish you a merry, happy, funny and fascinating NOW.


PS: What is this doing in a blog of a web designer? Everything. Split second persuasion is the basis of all successful marketing. You need the 'now' to be at the same wave length as your website visitors. 

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