Friday, 17 May 2013

About Openness

Marketing is nothing but opening the door towards the market.  
Open wide, very wide.
In your showroom you've got a glamorous car, outside there are people yearning for a glamorous car... so as marketers it's our job to create the right windows and glass doors; the connection between product and buyer should be a match made in heaven.
Your website is one window. If it looks bad, then there it stops.
It's no use to tell just how good and reliable and luxurious your product and services are; it needs to show.
Just how many websites are there out there, filled with pages and pages of exhuberant descriptions and hysterical testimonials, but that simply never convert a visitor into a client?
We humans make our decisions within a matter of seconds. Nor you nor me will walk into a bar if the very first impression is not a good one.
We will not give that bar the benefit of the doubt, tell ourselves 'well, maybe the barman has got great conversation' or 'perhaps if we sit there the lights do not look so harsh'... we take a peek inside and leave. There are just too many neon lights or jazz sounds or cosy laughter anywhere else.
It needs to click. Instantly.
Any very good marketing strategy is like an attractive person, with the big smile and wide open arms of a Russian peasant in a musical, saying: it's YOU I've been waiting for, you and me are made for each other!
It's the main reason why I'm so bad at sales.
I'm trained too much in being open, and not only let customers walk in, but all the way into the most secretive corners of the showroom. Somewhere between the door and the car a Sales Person should interfere and say: "This is actually payable".
Some sales people are brilliant marketing for their company, some marketers are great salesmen; but if you find such a person, please introduce us!
If that is you, can you please drop me a line this instant, for I have been looking for you for years. .

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