Friday, 17 May 2013

About Safety

Danger and safety are sides of the same coin. 

We humans forever feel the pull of both. Once we have achieved one, we long for the other. 

First and foremost we long for safety; together with food and shelter, it makes up the first layer of the Piramid of Maslow. In highly organized societies with high levels of (social) protection though, danger works well in marketing. 

I believe this is the reason for the appeal of the new Safety Currency. 

We know that its goal is to find a way to provide safety and it's a tool to protect us. Against a fall of the Euro or Pound, against a sudden policy of a huge tax on our savings, or against the dictates of banks. 

At the same time, we feel that the ones behind it are playing with fire. How will banks or governments react? Thank God it's them who take all the risk, and not us.

We might find them crazy, we might think they're dreamers, or even megalomaniacs... but after only 2 days of having gone online, it's clear that we do join. 

We do so because it's an ideal mix: it's safe, but it's dangerous. 

I can't think of any other reason why it's going viral so quickly, even in these very first days of just testing the waters, with still lots of bugs and flaws, and not even having started any publicity whatsoever. 

Safety with a little craze in the mix. 

When I am sceptical (and I can be VERY sceptical), I think it will go nowhere. At one point or the other it will need a leap of faith; someone actually offering services or a product in this currency. I don't see that happen very soon. If they can pull that off, then it will be a major shift in this time of transition. 

You have got to admire people who dream this much. Who throw their full 80 kgs, all its muscles and grey cells and focus and dedication, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, behind and into a dream like this one. Non-stop and against all odds and against all criticism. Hats off! Dreamers make the world the rest of us lives in. 

I can't help it if it's not my dream. And I'm the one injecting the frowns and raised eyebrows. 

But there you go, also me I feel the pull... it's safe, but it's dangerous. 

Safety being primordial. It's the livelihood of insurance companies and marketing consultants alike. It's the basis of our lives. We will work towards it or defend it unlike anything else. Any person or any company or any product or any service that guarantees safety will get our vote. The very first thing a website needs to do is to radiate reliability, confidentiality, safety. 

And once we have achieved it - we start feeling the pull of the other side of the magnet.

It's the never ending story of humanity. 

After the rocky 1930's and the terrible 1940's we started a world of neat bungalows in neat neighborhoods, being very content that life, finally, was about getting a washing machine and a plastic fruitbowl on the Minnie Mouse tablecloth. There had been drama enough! Give us boredom and superficial comfort!

And the next generation felt they were hibernating and rebelled against just that. And the Yuppies had enough of the rocky existence of their hippie parents, etc.

Such is the balance between our needs for safety and danger. 

Which many a marriage may testify: we marry one, but need a fling with the other.


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