Tuesday, 18 June 2013

About Cholerics

The perfect role of a 100% Choleric? 

A policeman, standing in the middle of a busy crossroads! 

He just loves being an authority. To notice how people listen to him, just by lifting his arm or hand. 

And right because he transmits authority, into all directions, all drivers will listen to him: they will feel to be in safe hands, being directed by a person who knows what he is doing.  

No other temperament would get away with it. 

The Melancholic would be way too confused. Why would this lane have priority over that one? How many cars are waiting in this queue and how many over there? And what if there is a pregnant woman in that one?  Or perhaps... will one person in that short queue miss the love of her life, because of him? 

Her lover is on the way to the airport, perhaps already checking in... with tears in his eyes. 

Our Melancholic might have heard about a car accident further down this lane, or calculate the chances of problems 5 kilometers from here. 

Whatever it will be, there are just too many elements to keep in mind!! Too many options!  Which one has priority over what? 

The Sanguin will be way too happy. Perhaps he will even smile. It's all not that important. Let's all just have fun in this traffic jam. And with that smile, all authority vanishes. 'This policeman will not mind if we park over this pavement... he will understand, or at least not make a big issue out of it'. 

The Phlegmatic will find it a headache anyway. Who on earth has put him in this position? All that noise. All that drama. Or perhaps - oh god - something unexpected that will happen? Why didn't they just leave him be, somewhere behind a desk doing a repetitive job while his mind can travel? 

We need that 100% Choleric at those crossroads. 

Not only does he know what he is doing, even if he doesn't, he does. Even if he is wrong, he is right. If people will point him out that he was wrong, can actually prove it, he will find a way to prove he wasn't. 

And SHOULD he have to admit that he was wrong, he will explode and rage about the unfairness of life, that it, yes, it was the universe ganging up on him! 

And after that, he will study and practise and study and practise, to be the very best, to know absolutely everything about everything, so that he is an authority in everything. 

So that just by being the best,  he will regain his authority, and be in control.

It's the reason why so many managers or bosses are Cholerics. 

Without them, the office would feel to be in an airplane without pilot. 'This company is not going anywhere'.  

A good pre-website designer has to be a Choleric: for he has to create a design that will lead the visitors to where he wants to have them. 

If he creates the navigation... visitors will follow his lead. 

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