Monday, 17 June 2013

About Extraversion

For the sake of argument, controversy or simply to provoke thoughts or a debate, I'm going to drop a tiny bombshell here: 

If Southern Europe perpetually lands into troubles, it is because of being made up of too many pure Extraverts. 
What do you think about that, huh?
The 100% Extravert lives on the outside. Every ball that is thrown into his direction is immediately bounced back. (Or: why southern Europeans can be so good at sports or play). 

He is a shield. He protects his interior by being a castle. And promotes it by showing a beautiful, shiny door. In a speedy, glamorous sportscar. 

He IS Mister Outside. 
That comes with many advantages. He is the fun person, the one that makes your party lively, pullls you out of your gloomy mood, takes you dancing, and he is also very good for the economy: for he will want that sportscar, that towel of Versace, that 1000 € front door, the golden necklace and one dinner and barbecue and party after the other. 

It also means though that every problem is bounced back: surely it must be the fault of others

The street is dirty? The neighbour should clean it! The owner of that shop there! Town hall! The government! Anyone really, apart from me. For the fault is surely somewhere on the outside.
And the Introvert turns inwards, might ponder what part of the blame is his, and calmly cleans his part of the pavement.
There's an electricity cut? Well, no miracle if the whole village depends on one cable hanging on one tree... in 2013! THEY should solve that.
It will take an Introvert to think about the situation, gather all opinions, check what he himself can do, and actually come up with a solution.
There's an economical problem? It's the fault of the PP! Of the PSOE! THEY should solve it. It's the banks!  It's the others!
One can imagine the blame game when things get really rough...
It can get so far that in the Spain of the 1930's, the Introverts were actually blamed. In the machinery of Franco, they were seen as weak elements, effiminate, undermining the morals... because, gosh, those people ponder about our own flaws, what we can do ourselves to improve the world...
The pure 100% Extravert will instantly reject that notion. It's a No Go. It will and shall and must be the fault of others

NO to inner research. 

We will rather eliminate all intellectuals and thinkers, making our society plunge into decades of darkness, than to take any blame upon ourselves. 
In a society of 100% Extraverts history will come to an end. The buck is forever passed around. There is nobody left to pick it up and say: ME I will solve it. 

Another result of being purely directed towards the outside, is an economical one:  
Why only party on Friday evening, if it can last through to Monday morning?  It seems we do have the money for it. Well, we don't know where that money is coming from, others are supplying it... and if all of a sudden there no longer is any, shame be on THEM.
Germany is to be blamed, Europe, the USA, the Arabs, the Chinese!
So now we sit back and sit through the crisis until THEY have solved it.
So nothing happens.

So, have I been thought provoking enough? Then it might be time to take an equal part of the blame on us, Introverts. 
A society that solely exists of 100% Introverts will be a sick one too. We would all be dragged into melancholy, no longer perform sports, laugh very much, we are all highly individual bits and pieces without a leader to guide us, and the only people still making money will be psychiatrists and those supplying anti-depressants and sleeping pills. 
Introverts and Extraverts need each other. 
For living a life of thoughts and feelings, he might not even spot that the street is dirty. He is living in an internal street, a very rich world indeed... but one that is within himself.
That world can be completely disconnected from 'the real one'. It can both be more beautiful, as more ugly. More positive as well as more gloomy.
It will take a lively, bubbly or strong Extravert to pull Mr Melancholy out of too much gloom, or out of the room.
Northern Europeans love the south, right because of that. It's the place where Europe turns from being an office, into a playground. It's chacha, singing, tanning, party'ing without end, flirting. Life's just not worth living if it weren't for that! 

Those who come up with a product need the ones selling it, buying it, living it.

It is no miracle that Spanish has been so important for websites. For it are Extraverts who spend. They buy clothes, want the next shiny tool on the market, make reservations at restaurants or hotels, organize parties and barbecues... lift up and bring spirit into society. 

And this apart from the fact that we love you, you Extravert, for your bubbly, fun, outgoing, sportive nature that you spread around... not to mention the relief we feel when you tell us something is the fault of OTHERS. 

If I upset anyone with this article, bare with me. I will be writing much more about those 2 temperaments. 

The Internet being what it is - not a novel you will study and let sink in for hours on end, but a tool in which you want to find information very quickly - I go for short and thought provoking articles, rather than deep and balanced ones. 

If I wouldn't do that, I will loose out on a very big part of 'the market'. 

And first and foremost that is the aim of any marketing tool, such as a blog: to get your attention. 

Many thanks for your patience, 


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