Tuesday, 11 June 2013

About The Future

"How to prepare for the future"?
In the midst of a world wide transition, this question is being asked dozens of times a day, and advice is being given left, right and centre.
From online forums to conferences on, from 'transitional groups' that are sprouting up in almost every village and city, to think tanks to the hundreds of new online concepts that are launched every day... we can safely say that todays' society is consumed by this question.
I won't dwell too much on the negative predictions. The thousands of gloomy, home made videos and conspiracy theories on YouTube, rather hurt than help. Just like the expression "between Islam and the West, it just has to come to a war" brings that war every time a step closer.
Even the positive ones contradict each other very much.

Even after 6 years of full time scanning the Internet and Trend Watchers, I could not possibly detect THE solution; not even regarding how you can best prepare your website.

There are only opinions. 7 billion of them. Which you can reduce to some 1000 tendencies... but who can prepare for 1000 possibilities?

So we are back at square 1, the square we usually find ourselves at: predicting the future is for fortune tellers. The rest of us can only sit back and see things unfold.

A depressing thought? Not at all. It turns our lives into a movie; we could be looking at it and be curious about any next turn and twist. 'Gosh, what an interesting film... how would it end'?

Secondly, what CAN we do?

I am afraid that the best answer and the whole rest of this article... will be a mighty corny one.

That answer would be:  dream of what can be tomorrow, and do today what you must and can.

Every day you can put one step forwards towards that safety or success in the future. By learning, by investigating how you can be more competitive, how you will stand out in a far more competitive world, by improving your health or physhical condition.

Make a 30 day plan: how, in one month from now, will you have improved your business or life? Set it as a goal.

It can be about learning something new. This transition period is ideal for self development. The unemployed of today, can be the best developed brains or talents of tomorrow.

It can be about improving your physhical condition. The stronger you are, or the better you feel in your skin, the more you are able to cope with stress or the little frustrations of every day (better put: a person who eats and sleeps well, does not have many of those little frustrations that others have).

It can be about transforming your business or website or brand or venture from a good one, into an excellent one. (For one thing is for sure; in a world that will forever be more competitive, mediocrity will not even be picked up by the most sensitive radar... the only way to stand out is to deliver something excellence).

After 30 days: a new 30 day plan.

Raise the bar higher. Or set a new goal in an other domain.

Can you convince other people to do the same? Even better. For you will create a zone of stimulation around you.

You see, the answer is disappointing, isn't it?

No, it isn't.

For in the end it is about QUALITY, and that is always worth the while to dedicate your life too.

Any single thought - or the smallest dose of energy, or the shortest minute of focus - spent on quality - is a thought, dose or minute spent very, very well... and an investment in the now and in the future.


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