Tuesday, 18 June 2013

About Melancholics

Mr 100% Melancholic has got a business. 

It is not working, and he is astonished by it. 

'It is SO clever, so intelligent, so crafted, well thought over, so ethical, reliable, I'm basically the best there is... how on earth is it not working'? 

Well, asking the question is delivering the answer. 

It's great to know that he is the best CPC Manager there is. But, er, what is a CPC manager?? 

Mr 100% Melancholic will not even understand that question. 

There's the Internet and you can research and learn something new within seconds. Every 12 year old knows what CPC stands for. And for those who do not, hasn't he written 10 page documents about it? Etc. 

For HE was that 12 year old. HE has always needed and loved to feed his thoughts, by forever learning something new, studying it, thinking about it, trying to connect the dots, finding the missing link... take away poetry or intellectual activity and he will just die, as a plant not getting water. 

Completely unaware that most people just do not have or want to dedicate the time to learn something new, or why they should be bothered in the first place. There are 400 million active websites online... you can't expect everyone to dive into encyclopedias all day long. 

They want a clear title that says: "Save money by hiring me"

A short text with a bit of explanation: "I manage your marketing budget. Better results for less money". 

And be given confidence by seeing a highly professional design.  

And that is it. 

To Mr Melancholy that is so... basic. Almost... primitive really. It can depress him to no end, that humanity does not seem to be on the intellectual, moral or ethical level as himself. 

He has so much fun in his rich interior landscape, can live with and loves its solitude, he lost touch with those who live somewhere else. 

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