Tuesday, 18 June 2013

About Phlegmatics

Ssst. Don't disturb me. 

I'm just in the middle of something boring. 

That's paradise. You see my hands fly over the keyboard, my eyes fixated on that Excel sheet, or I'm carving that highly crafted piece of furniture... 

But my mind is elsewhere. 

It is busy with telling me that this very boring job teaches me self-motivation. It teaches me how to perfectionize my voice on the phone. It is creating a poem or thinking of poverty in the 3rd world or perhaps how to pay off my mortgage. 

If it is not busy with unseen self-development, it is still recovering from all those impulses of yesterday - all that having to be sociable, that exhausting chit chat and having to laugh at every joke, and what could that gaze of this person have meant? 

Please do not disturb me, and especially not you, Sanguin, with yet another idea, another plan that will cause trouble... well, change, which is trouble. 

Go away, you carpet salesman at the door. OK, I will buy a carpet. Will you leave me in peace then? For sure I will become Jehova's Witness, yes, yes, give me that material, I will go through it. But from the moment I have closed the door I will unplug my telephone and install an alarm system. 

Just let me be! 

Sigh, it seems that the mobile phone is actually becoming important in 2013. OK, then, I will buy one. It is completely preposterous, what a sorrow state the human condition is in - adults sending SMILEY's! - and I don't need all that bling bling stuff. But OK then, sigh, give me one, if you so insist on it. 

Oh, God, there you have that choleric boss again. I will say 'yes, yes' and see how he swells up. Now I'll do exactly what he has told to do, when he is within earshot. And the rest of the time I'll do what me I think is right. What suits me. 

What makes me feel harmonious. 



Feeling empathy. 


We all find the Phlegmatic so likeable. What an easy going person! 

Such a nice smile. We felt true... connection. 

And in the mean time the Phlegmatic goes his or her own way. Nobody knows what is actually going on internally. True, that was very, very funny what he said... but, er, it can be interpreted in different ways. Was he actually being very nice? Or was it some sort of irony? 

Nobody knows. 

His reaction was a perfect balance between what he really meant, and what's socially acceptable. 

Do you want a smile? Here is one. Phew, that was exhausting. Oh god, now you come over to speak to me. 

Mr 100% Phlegmatic is just busy with his thoughts, feelings,... while pondering about and planning his safety and security of tomorrow. 

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