Tuesday, 18 June 2013

About Sanguins

So, this 100% Sanguin has got a business.
'It doesn't work,' she says. 'I give up'.

She has tried for a month and now she is frustrated. People just do not understand that her opening hours have changed, or do not seem to be aware of a new product, or they show up when she has clearly cancelled an event...
'I've put it clearly on my Facebook page! They should check it out before turning up'!!!

That is Mrs Sanguin for you: others should check out her Facebook page.

Blissfully unaware that a large chunk of his audience is exactly like her: others should inform THEM. 

'Why didn't she send me a message'? 'Why didn't she ring me'? 'Why is she changing opening hours in the first place'?

Mrs 100% Sanguin should realize that her clients are like her: they expect to be informed. 

Her second problem is persistance. Yes, she will be much more lively and fun to be with, yes, she will transmit more energy... but she is also far more quickly bored. 'You know what, I tried a month... it's simply not working. I think I'll start a jazz club instead. Or go live in a Kibbutz'.

Mrs Extravert clearly needs the organisational skills of a Melancholic, or the persistance of a Phlegmatic, or the strong hand of a Choleric. What with all her great characteristics, no business can do it on their own; unless she divides herself into 4... or starts to learn and read more about humans or psychology.

Not being one to be too cerebral, or have to focus too much, she might not go and start learning anything.

After a dozen of attempts, she might give up and go back to this situation: the comfortable situation where someone else is the boss, and she a pon. At least that way she gets a shiny company car and glossy business cards, great!

As per usual, I am hugely exagerating here. I do this for sake of the argument... as well as get to the point ASAP.

For this is the Internet: there's a good chance that you, reader, are an Extravert, and you are already very eager to jump to one of the other one trillion webpages out there!

Until you find one that looks great, lively, promises fun and social interaction.
The ideal website caters to all temperaments. Hence why I keep my articles as poppy as possible... without being too superficial.

Marketing means throwing the door wide open for an as large a market as possible. That means: cater to everyone. Know everyone. Appreciate everyone. Know what makes them tick...

And what makes their lives better.


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