Tuesday, 18 June 2013

About Temperaments: The End

Our temperament could be described as our nature, as it permanently affects our behavior. 

It is our behavioral survival technique

The drive to control and dominate of the Choleric, could be his or her way of coping with the chaos of life. Chaos and insecurity can be very unsettling - and the human mind will come up with the solution; or at least the solution to cope with it. 

Just as the richness and depth of the mind of the Melancholic, might be a reaction to the emptiness or shallowness he finds unbearable. 

In an unstable world the Phlegmatic seeks stability within himself, whereas the Sanguin flees the boredom or solitude. 

One could say the same about maniacal habits, belief systems, or religion for that matter: they are all tricks of the mind to be able to cope. 

I've been writing about temperaments since, well, surfing online is a very lonely business. A good marketer knows how to actually speak to his or her website visitors - make a connection. 

The marketer who is able to do that, pulls the online visitor out of solitude and into conversation; real conversation or simply a zing between two minds. 

If you wish to speak to the market as a whole, or an as large as market as possible, you need to know people. 

Also if you target a highly specific segment of the market, you still need to know who it exists of. What does this person like, how does he wish to be addressed, what makes him take action, and how can we make a connection? 

People buy from people. 

In this, without going to deep or divide personalities in too many styles and shapes, the 4 temperaments are an easy way to know a tad more about psychology. 

I hope it was useful to you. 


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