Monday, 17 June 2013

About Temperaments

I have been talking about Introverts and Extraverts. 

The first ones can be divided into melancholics and phlegmatics

The second ones into sanguins and cholerics.

It is thought that, for a company or venture to work, we need all 4 of them. 

THE MELANCHOLIC, our thoughtful thinker in the corner, who just loves to be on his own with all his thoughts, is the one coming up with the product, developing the idea, envisaging the future, work out the marketing strategy. 

THE PHLEGMATIC, also loving to be on his own, and one that aspires calm and peace (and not too much change please!) will deliver the product. Let him or her be in the kitchen, at the belt, in the call center, or be the nice glue at the party. He or she is also the ideal client. For he or she will buy if that means if it's an easy way to get rid of you and just to have peace again. 

THE SANGUIN, bubbly, happy, sociable, full of life and energy, is needed to go out there and sell it, or make that others join the party or idea. 

And none of them will go anywhere, if it weren't for our pilot, THE CHOLERIC. 

He is Mister I-know-it-all, I-am-right-even-if-I'm-wrong, and because of that immense sense of security, he is the pilot that does not only choose the direction, but with whom all parties also feel to be safe... and actually know the airplane will actually go somewhere. 

As said before, none of us is 100% one or the other. Most likely you combine elements of all four of them, with a dominance of 2. 

The pure Melancholic will sink into a web of depression, if he didn't also have those moments of having fun on the dance floor, just as the sanguin will end up living under a bridge, if he didn't also have some of the organisational skills or the wish for safety of the phlegmatic. 

For every coin has got two sides. 

The sanguin might transmit fun and energy, and thus be the perfect sales person... he can also quickly be caught up in making everything sound more fun than it is, forever embellishing things, and forever having to make up one lie with the next one. Very much to the frustration of the phlegmatic, who will actually have to deliver the product or service! 

Yes, those 2 latter temperaments, are water and fire. There's nothing a Phlegmatic loves more than to pour ice water over the enthusiasm of a sanguin! 

Mr Bubbly is just too rocky for their lives, too eager to drag them into change, or upsetting their inner harmony, which are the situations they can least cope with.

So, sanguins might be good sales men, there's also a chunk of the market who will just not buy from them. They will go for the tranquil, honest sounding and balanced person. 
Just as there are teams who will simply not be able to cope with too choleric a boss. 

In the end, our temperament does not determine our function in life, nor our career, nor how we respond to a website or a branding strategy. 

All we, people operating in ethical marketing, can do, is, every time again, optimize the situation by trying to make all pieces of the puzzle fit. 

What temperament are you?

Your melancholic sanguin,


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