Wednesday, 26 June 2013

About Thinking

So, it has been proven that we don't think.
We think that we think, but we don't.
We can, but rarely ever do.
What we do is relying on a number of patterns.
Life's just too hectic, we have to juggle too many balls at the same time, while impulses spring on us from all sides.
At this very moment you might be working, checking Facebook messages, while having music on the background, street noises, publicity trying to get into your head from the Internet, radio, billboards, while at the same time there are those worries about the food in the oven, the roof that needs to be repaired; a part of your brain is busy with the administration, the mosquito bites of last night, the cell phone needs recharging etc. etc.
That is quite an overload. And it will only become worse.
Can you imagine that you, in the midst of all that,  you would actually have to think?
To put your grey cells into motion, costs an enormous amount of energy.
If you think 30 push-ups cost energy, just try to organize a thought. A real, original thought.
Should you be able to collect all the energy for that, than you still need the time. Which you don't have either.
Hence, come in the clear-cut, ready-made thought patterns.
"What do you think about this"? someone asks, and you say: "Good". Or: "Bad".
You did not actually sink bank in thought. Looking at all the pro's and cons. Perhaps search for a book that could give you more insight in the topic, so you could make a researched, well balanced and careful answer.
You just don't have that time!  And you need to protect your reservoir of energy... it has to be spent on the top priorities of your life.
That is understandable. And the way it should be. Let up a kite - and all rabbits will instantly run away and hide. They are not going to study this kite in the air and wonder: is it really an eagle? Perhaps it is something else? Let's analyse the peculiarities of the motion...
For the sake of their survival, rabbits do not have that luxury. The pattern says 'eagle' and their thought pattern 'hide!'.
This week I will be writing about thought patterns, and all the different things we humans think to have an opinion about... but haven't; we just instantly jump to the most 'cost-effective' reaction.
Our mind takes short-cuts, so to speak.
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