Monday, 29 July 2013

About The Future

Let's picture an era of Smart Phones and stupid people.
Google Glasses will be launched, so publicity can be burned onto our eyeballs.
Over the past years it was already sitting in our back pocket; now it's just a matter of time before it can be injected straight away into our veins, preferably pre-birth.

At a city trip, we will be told what landmark we will need to see, how many minutes it will take getting there, and why we need to find a painting beautiful. Reducing us to sheer helplessness.
In the west, the void left behind by religions, will be filled by Brands and their lifestyle or belief system.
Billions are being poured into the cloning of the dinosaur, so that trillions can be made by exposing it like a circus animal.
The wildebeests better prepare for that web of motorways crisscrossing Africa, the continent of the 21st century, leading us on the way to the next buck of mass tourism or delving of resources.  
In the decades to come, the world population will once again quadruple, but the number of Alphas won't: they will just have more gammas that will work for them while also consummating their products.
In short: this can be an exciting era.
There will be more helplessness on one side, and more power on the other.
One can say that a war of the future might be between the Haves and the Have-nots. Those who do not have the money for food getting frustrated by those who fly over them in their flying car.
One can also say society will be divided into those who are creative, are relentless in their dream of inventing or improving... and those who sit back and are being told what they have to consummate.
Whatever the future will look like, marketing and its manipulative foundation will reach new heights. This will be the era of the marketers.
And as any weapon, you can use it to wound or save. Marketing in itself is amoral. It is nothing but a tool.  
And one I would advise anyone to learn very much about. If only because it's fascinating: it's anthropology, sociology and psychology alike. It is Judo and shadow boxing. It is an old fashioned craft and it can be pure art.
And it will forever become more important.


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