Monday, 8 July 2013

About Thinkers

"Don't make me think".
This is the title of a book about Web Usability. 
And a perfect conclusion for this small series of articles about how we humans very much prefer to not think.
We like to think that we think, but we don't. Hardly ever. We rely on thought patterns that others - or society or our cultural background - have developed for us.

There's a reason why melancholics, the thinkers of our species, from Mark Zuckerberg to Nelson Mandela, are so skinny: thinking consumes an incredible amount of energy, far more than any sport.

Which is the reason why we, in general, do everything we can to avoid it. At the great buffet of thoughts, we go for those that are within arm's length, ready made, and easiest to digest.
The future will only bring more of that. This will be the era of Smart Phones and Stupid People.
By the end of this year Google will launch the Google glasses, so that publicity can now be burned straight away onto our eyeballs.
And we will not even have to collect two brain cells together when we want to know what subway to take or what monument we will have to admire and why we should think a painting to be beautiful.
For sure technological evolution will not stop there. The human desire for instant gratification and the relentless drive to simply never have to organize one single thought again, is too big.  
Cultural pessimism? Doom and gloom? Not at all!
It has never been different. Our whole cultural evolution has been one that was based on the thinking of a few.
Once or twice every century a truly great man stands up. A few times every decade a few single individuals invent or create - and by doing so change the lives of millions.
You as webmaster will want to make your web project such that the consumer does not have to think. That by your brilliant navigation, he or she is taken by the hand, and his or her life is made forever more easy. 
That means that your own motto, online marketer, will have to be: make me think.

You will have to think, for that others won't have to.



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