Friday, 26 July 2013

About Tribal Confirmation

In the previous post I talked about tribes.

The Internet is taking tribalism to new heights: 

We can now connect with any tribe we want to. 

This comes with its dangers. 

For humans no longer are corrected or steered by a multitude of voices and temperaments around them - they can instantly search for and connect with a tribe that will forever reconfirm them in their thoughts. 

Just an example: young village boy is drawn towards Nazi sympathies. Before the existence of the Internet, such a boy would be corrected from all sides: the society around him exists of an array of opinions, thoughts, temperaments... he will soon be molded into someone far more middle of the road or learn that 'the truth is somewhere in the middle'. 

That is no longer the case. 

Such a boy can now instantly connect with hundreds of like minded people, without ever hearing or experiencing a counter-argument. and thus be forever re-confirmed, motivated and be taken to a more extreme level. 

Instead of learning about the world, the Internet can result in closing eyes. 
 Creating all sorts of new tribes that are no longer determined by background, education, culture or geography. 

Depending on the belief system of that particular online tribe, the peer pressure and peer influence will achieve new heights... or lows.


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