Wednesday, 7 August 2013

About Communication (2)

You are visiting Marrakech and a beggar holds up his hand. 

What do you do or say? 

Are you the sort of person who will collect all energy to pretend you don't see the beggar, feeling your toes curl?

Will you feel annoyed that someone has put you in the situation where you have to say 'no'? 

Perhaps you are the sort of person who - possibly - smiles and says: "Allah will give you". 

The latter is not a good communicator, he is a brilliant one. 

For he shows he still respects the other and wishes him well: a silent greeting between two people, a tiny spark of hope in the hustle and bustle of just another day. Both will feel better afterwards. 

For sure not all good communication has to be elevated to art. In general it is simply easy

"Would you be able to do this or that or me"? 
"I am sorry - for this or that reason I can't or won't". 


Most of our problems with communication lies in the fact that we have such a problem saying 'No'. 'Sorry' and 'no' seem to be the hardest words. 

And the words that grease the wheels of life; people who can say 'no' possess a wonderful gift. 

Provided that the rejection is in balance with the self-esteem of the other. 

There are so many examples of brilliant communication - and none is like the other. In almost all cases they can be compared to someone defusing a bombshell. 

I'm not into the habit of throwing YouTube links at you; the following though is such a classic example it tells 'more than a thousand words': 

Reagan does not tell he is healthy... in 10 seconds he shows it. For everyone to grasp. 

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