Saturday, 17 August 2013

About Photos

Mine is a difficult blog.  

It opens on your screen... and instantly you find it difficult to start reading. 

It's unappealing, all those blocks of texts, and you would wish there were photos - if only to make you stop or draw you in. 

Personally I do this on purpose - but I would not advice you to ever do the same: nothing as unattractive for the online surfer than seeing blurs of texts.

It's difficult enough to attract visitors to your website, so you have to make an effort to make them stay. 

Which, by the way, never works by 'just having photos'; they need to be original, of high quality, and relevant as well (so forget about using stock photos here and now: they are recognized as such and deemed to hurt your reliability and professionalism or success rather than help it). 

Hence why companies who are serious about their online success, start by spending a part of their budget on professional photography (and an other big part on professional copywriting... the other pillar of memorability). 

If I know this, why don't I practise what I preach? 

First, I have my website to do that. 

Secondly, unlike most blogs, mine does not serve to drive traffic to my website. It has a different purpose - communicate with like minded people, and writing the blog that me myself would want to read. 

Thirdly, if I can't provide quality, I much rather prefer to not have photos at all.

And four, as a SEO advisor I know how to achieve rankings anyway: I can afford to make it difficult for myself. 

YOU want to maintain the website visitors you have, AND convert them into clients. Good, high quality and original photography is key in that. 

Any budget reserved for a professional photographer, is arguably the wisest investment you can make. 

The human eye craves images. 

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