Saturday, 28 September 2013

About Herbalife Bashing

If you are a Herbalife Distributor you might know all about it.

You have a 'love-to-hate' product. 

That late in life and finally you know how to spell 'pyramid'. You used to hear that word once in a decade only. 

Or 'genetically modified food', 'scam', 'overpriced', and basically all sins of Israel.

If you see someone foaming at the mouth, there's a pretty good chance he's either had a speeding ticket or the topic was Herbalife.

Pick your battles!

One can wonder. That's a nice occupation, to wonder. People should wonder more. I for one always find it so peaceful, if I walk in a street where everyone is wondering.

Where was I? Oh, yes, I was wondering about a beautiful brand with an apple-inspired logo. Lowest points for environmental care. Highest points for slavery in Asian factories. Foam at the mouth, someone? 

I was wondering. About consumer electronics responsible for Africa becoming one big hole. Big Tobacco responsible for a large chunk of the death rate, Big Weapons for another, and Fast Food brands taking care of the rest. Every time you take the decision to sit on a plastic chair you contribute to the importance of oil and thus the chaos in the Middle East. 

Foaming, anyone? 

Blogger leaves me a tiny bit too little space to go into the 50 armed conflicts ongoing at this very moment, but you catch my drift.

"Pick your battles". I like that saying. Very wisely, it doesn't give you any chance to opt for a battle or not. Your only option is to pick some.

Wisely, because as human organism we are wired for fight. We've been programming that on our hard disc for quite a bit of time, 2 million years, give or take, so we can't just all of a sudden delete that.

Where was I?

O, yes. 'Herbalife bashing'. 

Being a Herbalife Distributor myself, I can completely understand that. For the biggest strength of the network marketing model is also its greatest flaw: the intrusion in the personal atmosphere.

Now I'm going to ramble a bit... for those who really want to get to the bottom of it.

Network Marketing is so successful for the same reason as Facebook Advertising: recommendations of friends carry more weight. It's the conversion technique 'par excellence'.
If you need a photocopier and you happen to have a good friend who works at Xerox, chances are that you end up with a Xerox photocopier. On one hand you need a hotel in Malaga, and on the other hand you have a friend who raves about a hotel there: a no-brainer. One and one is two.
But if you are at a party or having fun on Facebook, chances are that neither of your friends are raving about Xerox or trying to sell you a hotel reservation.
Sure, if your friend is a free-lancer and has to be workforce, sales department and marketing department in one, he or she will push the limits a tad more.
But there's still no comparison to the zeal and enthusiasm of the Herbalife distributor. Again very good points for the HL Brand - most companies can only dream of such an enthused sales force - and again something that can be very irritating to others.
It is something any network marketer has to be careful with: the exploitation of personal relations. That's a difficult exercise.
One can be so enthused about a book one has read, over and over again, that one cannot stop talking about it. There are people who love a singer so much they wear the T-shirt, post the songs on a daily basis, fill their house and every party with the music. Having a passion for something is great. As a network marketer though there's an economic interest.
It's a fine line. When are you just being a friend being enthused about something, a friend who wants to help others, when do you get in the situation that friends want to help you by buying things you sell, and when are you a friend who wants to become successful by means of friendship exploitation?
It's my belief that the intrusion in the personal atmosphere, and the uncertainty about your status (friend or prospect?) is the motor behind all irritation.
Friends say: "It's a pyramid scheme"!
You show a little movie saying that every company is a pyramid.
Friends say: "I wonder who created that movie"!
They do not say: "I wonder who created the movies attacking HL". They do not say: "I wonder what the source is of the harsh HL reviews".  
No. It's HL who is the villain.
Anything that is said about the products, can be said about all other products too.
Just how many people are there who rave about Apple?  Only very few will point out the immense damage that is done to earth, stability and social fairness. In this situation it's pretty much like the old-fashioned question: "If you had to chance to be rich, knowing that someone in China would die... would you still go for it"?
That's a non-question. Our actions give the answer for us. In this whole machinery we are grains of sand who simply have no other option, bar walking naked and starving ourselves to death.
The point is that this is hidden, we do not have to know or think about it: it's not intruding in our personal life. 
Herbalife is.
And that's the button that generates all criticism.
People feel to be 'under attack', and battle.
I completely understand them and love them for it.

Where was I? 
I think I need my shake now. 


  1. Absolutely love this blog. I'll save this article in my favorites for anybody who wants to criticize my decision to become a Herbalife distributor.

  2. Thanks Alison.
    There will be another blog that can help HL distributors to be better.