Friday, 27 September 2013

About Marketing Never Never Land

For sure you would got to sit down in a corner to say: "Dada. Dadada".

If your marketing advisor knocked at the door of your office and said: "I've got a great idea for you"!

You jump out of your chair and say: "Tell me". For, honestly, the company can use some great ideas.

"Well, " he says, "we must have ten million people making publicity for us!"

Back to chair. Huge disappointment. Another nuts marketing advisor. "We can't pay for three people doing that". 

"No, no," hushes the marketing genius, "we will ask them to pay us".

Do you know that look?  When you suspect that someone has crossed over to the other side?  You give him that look and say: "So let me get this straight. You want 10 million  people to make publicity for us. And you want them to pay us for that honour".

"That's it"! says the marketing genius, his face glowing as a... as a... as something that is glowing very much. 

"And for sure they do that half-time. And to the right target market".

"Indeed"! says the genius, jubilating, because it's so nice to be understood.

At this point you are ready to wave him goodbye to Never Never Land. 

For sure such a conversation must have taken place, somewhere, some century ago, because today: 

Can things get any more comfortable for a Brand? 

People pay you to make publicity for you, so you get richer, and do so to the right target market, further unlocking conversion potential, for the special honour of making publicity for you, so you need a house as the one of Scrooge McDuck.  

That is the power of having a very good Brand. 

What's the next step?  That we gladly pay every time for the privilege to utter the name of that Brand?

Can things get any better than this? 

Of course they can.

While you and me struggle with optimizing our Facebook strategies, the larger company is already preparing for 2016, the big brand for 2020 and the multinational lives in 2035.

In Marketing it's all about being the first or the best, preferably both.

Just a few ideas...

Google Glasses instantly showing you the situation of the nearest Cola Vending Machine when you say: 'I'm thirst...'.

Neuro-scanning satellites detecting what you think and adapting the publicity on billboards to your personal needs. 

(It goes without saying: not what you think you think, but what you are actually thinking. Marketing never cared much for that thin rational layer). 

Scanning your habits and eye-movement and predicting the next time you might start thinking of a purchase and guiding you on that path? 

Yes, I would most probably hate marketing or brands, if I didn't love the topic so much that I dedicate my life to it. 

I combines everything that fascinates me, from psychology to anthropology, from technology to craftmanship. It's art, Judo and shadow boxing alike.


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