Monday, 9 September 2013

About On-Site SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 

It is the combination of all techniques that make a website more 'Search Engine Friendly'. 

For the more the Search Engines like your website, the higher they will make it rank... and the more website visitors it will get. 

OFF-Site SEO stands for all tactics you apply outside of the website: for example managing a Facebook business page, Tweeting, posting articles, Blogging...

ON-Site SEO is what you do in the website itself. 

The first can come with quite a lot of work load, which is also perpetual: you will always have to update your Social Networks, post articles in your blog on a daily or weekly basis, etc. 

Consequently: ON-site SEO is very attractive: it can be a one time process.  

If done well, that one time process can result in months or even years of very good rankings that get you free traffic day after day. 

If you know the costs of paid advertising (such as Google AdWords), than you know just how appealing very good On-Site SEO can be. 

As with every online marketing technique, the quality and relevance are key. 

It is all good and well to stuff your website with key words such as 'hotels Brussels', 'hotels in Brussels'... if you are only ONE hotel, this will not help on the way to more or better rankings. It will actually hurt your rankings, just as any tactic to trick the search engines. 

Also it can be tempting to go for 'black hat methods', methods that are not approved of by the Search Engines because they are seen as unethical, tricking their spiders - but imagine you are caught and your website is penalized in the search engines? You will loose all your free traffic: and thus ruin everything you have ever wanted to achieve. 

Ergo: the first question you will have to ask any SEO specialist, is whether he used ethical techniques only. 

There are dozens and dozens of those techniques, not to say hundreds - it is believed that Google used 200 algorithms to decide which page should rank higher than the other. 

Most of those algorithms are not disclosed to the public, for that would open the door to many a webmaster trying to trick Google... which means that it would not be the most relevant or best web pages ranking highest, but only those that apply most SEO tactics. 

No SEO Advisor or Specialist can ever promise you anything. For the simple reason that far too much is out of his control. 

In that respect, he is like a surgeon, or a solicitor. Your solicitor cannot promise that you will win the lawsuit. The surgeon cannot promise that the operation will be a success. Just as your national soccer theme cannot guarantee they will win the World Cup. All you can do is to optimize your chances by hiring the most reliable professional. 

Consequently, if a SEO specialist ever provides you with guarantees... run. If he really knew how Google works, he would not live in your country, but own it. 

For a very good knowledge of On-Site SEO would mean an endless and massive stream of website customers, free marketing unlike any other. 

Which brings us back to the popularity of On-Site SEO: it truly is the marketing technique par excellence, for companies with low budgets but high expectations. 

And a will to deliver quality. 

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