Sunday, 29 September 2013

Create magic, be magic

'Va pensiero, sull'ali dorati'. 

Verdi: 'Go, thought, on wings of gold'.

Wrapped into a tale about the hebrew captivity in Babylon, the audience knew exactly what thought was at stake here: the unification of Italy. 

And so an opera lay at the basis of an uprising. Because of the message? No, that message was everywhere. If the Internet had existed at that time, this same message would have been found in millions of 'competing pages'. 

Because of its compelling, motivating, emotional, heart-felt, honest packaging

If you listen to the Slave Chorus you too might feel the urgent need to start a revolution somewhere. 

Let it be your own revolution. 

The realization that the era of fooling around with cheap website templates, stock photography, copy-pasting, 'free SEO tips' is ending - and it's time to break through the clutter. 

The Internet is saturated with clutter. It's being clicked on and abandoned. Only some 15% of all active websites attract the traffic and business: for they are the eagle Verdi. 

They have spread their wings of gold and have everyone wanting to fly with them. 

Sure, it's a fact of life that there can only be so many super talents. 

Life is a pyramid scheme. 

Few of us are a Mozart, but we can aim at being a Salieri: that free-lancer, company or aspirational brand that is locally seen as THE authority to turn to. 

If you want to stand out over all competition, stand out. 

It's a conversation I am always having with my clients. Stop trying to be like that video store that also sells dog food and photocopies. 

Be something, and don't be satisfied until you have given the very, very, very best of you. 

It's not 'Facebooking' that will get you anywhere. It's doing that unlike anyone else. 

Only then you will get the audience to rise to their feet. 
Click with you. 
Click on the contact button. 
And convert into a customer. 


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