Sunday, 29 September 2013

What does Herbalife actually sell?

In the previous blog I told about the Herbalife Distributor Digestion.

Their almost religious zeal, their group mentality... "Gosh, why do they behave like a sect"?!!

Here is why: because they are.
It's the main reason why HL works.
If you think that the product is a shake with proteins, think again.

 HL sells 2 things and 2 things only:  

1. A social circle.  Their product is achieving that one pillar of happiness that stands out over all others: to belong to a tribe. 

2. Motivation. All it takes to slim or get healthy is self-motivation, right?  Any other far cheaper product can have the same results, right? And guess what: most people do not have self-motivation. They give up after a week. They only see results when being motivated and helped by others. 

If your parameter for any product or brand is: but does it work?
Then, yes, this is a great product.

Let's get this straight: not because of the actual product. I'm not a scientist nor nutrition specialist and wouldn't be able to say the first thing about that.

I am more one to ask: how does it work? 

It works, and very successfully so, because of its Brand and marketing strategy.

Every detail in their training packages and strategy tips is aimed at just that: people yearn to be part of and play a role in a tribe. It makes them happier and more energetic.

Especially if they land in the more typical circle of HL distributors: forever motivating each other, dragging the other to the gym or go for running, exchanging recipes...

The quintessential Herbalife distributor is an outgoing, sporty, positive person who loves to help people, drag them out of their loneliness, or is bubbly and flashy as a light up disco ball - any which way, is bringing company, fun and energy into lives that could need some.

Of course 'it' works! 

(I don't know about you, but personally I lose kilos just by looking at my own sponsor). 

'Overpriced', 'a pyramid'... obsolete arguments when something proves to work.  Anyone wanting to loose weight or loving to be slim again will be happy to pay for it. Especially when he or she will not be alone, sitting there with a plastic bottle with some powder in it. At such moments, zeal is very welcome. Energy from others would be awesome. These things are priceless. 

And, oh, by the way: if you believe that something works, chances are that it will.

Belief is everything. (Think placebos, think of the relation between countries with a strong sense of religion and less illnesses. Big Pharma only booms in 'godless places'). 

The human creature needs something to believe in. 

There's nothing 'new age' about that. If you have the strong desire to be slim, you will be slim, just as if you have a strong desire to be a successful business owner or a successful athlete, you will be one. 

If you believe in that sleeping pill it will work. If you believe that staring at geometry will evaporate your stress, it will. 

Herbalife is a brand that generates belief. 
Ergo: a top brand. 


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