Friday, 11 October 2013

Tribes, Love and Safety

I just checked the all-time Top 3 of most read articles in this blog. It are the blogs about Tribes, Love and Safety

Yes, over Friendship, Success or even Happiness, it were these 3 topics you were most interested in and that's a very valuable marketing lesson.

Firstly because they are closely related. They all come with the same sense of belonging, the cocoon of sweet... safety.

The main reason why humans always lived (and still live) in a tribe, is that sense of safety.

Not only for protection, but the knowledge that for every situation, there is a specialist at hand.

It is little miracle that so many parents in so many cultures still want their children to marry within the tribe. 

Secondly, because safety can be found at the bottom of Maslow's Pyramid. 

Again confirming that, yes, one of the primary human needs is also working well in the Online era. Ergo: many a marketing strategy targets right that: your need of safety.  

Targeting tribal instincts as well creating a sense of tribe stand very high on the agenda of the marketing strategists of the major brands. 

Belonging to a tribe provides us with a sense of safety, love and success - we just can't live without belonging to one. Who do you think is the happier person?  The one with just many friends, the one with few friends but who all know each other, or the one with many friends also all know each other? 

The sense of happiness goes from low to high.

One can have very many friends, but if they are at your birthday party, and you are the only link, your life feels fractured, your self divided into too many roles without one pillar to cling to. 

Basically you are just floating about in your own private bubble.

Should they all know each other, forever meet each other at different occasions - then you are part of a tribe. You have your own role (The Comedian, The Psychologist, The Protector, The Handyman, The Caring One, The Translator, The One That Gets The Party Started, etc). 

You know who you are, you have your place in society, and enjoy the assistance of the others in basically all situations of life. 

The basic human needs... just how many times will it be reconfirmed that these are still the pillars of today's successful marketing - online or not? 


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