Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Why Branding?

In one word? Memorability

To say that 'online competition is massive', is the understatement of the decade. We are all swamped by the number of choices online. For every single product, service or question there are tens of thousands. 
Maybe we can muster the energy and time to visit or consider a few dozen of them. Maybe we even dedicate a bit of time to each of the websites or web pages that caught our attention.

The overwhelming majority of them end up in the dustbin though. They are forgotten the second we have clicked away.
This is how the human mind deals with excess information: we simply choose to ignore it.
It's a survival technique like any other. If we had to stock all information that passes by, we would go mad, or no longer have energy for anything else. 

How to get through that shield?
You would say that simply standing out is sufficient. 

Just by being better and more original than 90% of all other websites in the own industry would do the trick, no?

You would say that as long as the content of our website is excellent, people will remember it, right? 

Well, it does - somehow. Not in an optimal way.

And you want it to be optimal, because marketing is incredibly expensive. You can pay up to 1-6 Euro just for one single website visitor. Even if you do not spend money on paid advertising, this could still be the cost of the time spent on social networks. 

It has been investigated and proven that on average, a company or brand name needs to be repeated 12 times before our mind remembers it. If you remember 'Coca-Cola' that is because as a child you have heard the expression a minimum of 12 times. 

Can you imagine what that means? It would mean that a visitor needs to stumble 12 times over your website, or you would have to pay 12 clicks in Google AdWords, before that visitor would even remember your name. 

You can calculate the costs. Try to find a process that combines enough advertising, billboards alongside the road, business cards and meetings at network events, gets you knocking 12 times at the door of the memory of a fellow human. 

Branding is then the attempt to make that process shorter. 

How do you do that? 
Branding is a science in itself. As per usual in this blog: let's take the short cut. 

  • Create one single and unified look and feel for your business
  • This look and feel says 'professional' from the word go
  • This look and feel helps to remember the product or service
  • This look and feel is consistent in all marketing materials
  • This look and feel is likeable and memorable
In short, this look and feel sets you in the mind of the customer that you are the only solution to his or her need. 

What's your profit?  

It is far more easy to increase your sales by increasing website conversion and memorability, than by SEO. Far less time consuming and much more cost-effective. 

That's why it's sometimes said that marketing success starts with Branding. 

It's the keystone and lynchpin.


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