Sunday, 10 November 2013

Open your eyes before branding closes them

Even I, working in Branding and loving it to bits, breathing it and eating it - am aware that every coin comes with two sides. And then I want to pull the wool over my eyes and just let it go.

So, for once, only once, let's talk for once about this pitch black side of the moon.

Only once. And then I'll go on about all the wonders of it.

Google glasses are on the market and publicity can now be burned straight onto our eyeballs. 

Touch screens will slowly give way to tablets that can simply track the movement of your eyes. 

We jump to every new invention, and do not realize just how many signals we give away telling multinationals: here are the tools to enslave us. 

Google already knows you're gay long before your mother does. Before YOU know. Whether you can develop a tendency to subversive behaviour, are a feminist, an anarchist, a non-voter, what kind of voter... it doesn't matter what: the behavioural patterns of billions can be studied now.

We already have masses that are far more addicted to Facebook, than they ever were to any drug. Masses that are more enthused about Apple or Herbalife - than they ever were about any religion. 

There are people, and more than you think, who actually think that drinking Coca-Cola makes you happy. Not consciously, but instantly etched onto the reptilian brain.

Brands are the new Roman Emperor, the new Louis XIV, the new aristocracy. 

If you think we're free, forget about it. Neuro-scientists already concluded 15 years ago that humans have no free will: they are fully managed by social pressure, tribe rules, era- and cultural determination. It are on these latter domains that the big brands play.

We think we're free. Don't we go to the voting boot every 4 years? Don't we then have the delicious choice between either this candidate or that one?

We do not realise that every visit to a supermarket, every purchase is a vote. Pro or contra child labour, pro or contra slavery, pro or contra an oil based economy and thus wars in the Middle East, pro or contra materials digged up in Africa and thus pro or contra dictatorships or social injustice. Here we all pool the wool over our eyes - but, hey, in 2 years from now we can go vote again.

We work for the brands, AND buy their products, forever faster, AND while doing so destroy our own liberty and the planet at the same time. We are hooked.

It will be impossible to get out of that.
Whatever we do, be it flash mobs, be it mass demonstrations for change - Brands take over that banner and we march behind them. Thinking they are the solution rather than the problem.
History teaches us that history doesn't teach us anything. For the emperor will always wear new clothes.

But hush, lovely reader, don't you despair. For after every new emperor there is a new revolution. Not because you or me want it, just because it's inevitable. We live on a turning planet in a turning universe, lives that forever turn.

And you can start Branding too.
You do not need trillion dollar eye-tracking laboratories to do so. 
Sometimes all it takes is to refine your radar.

Just as it can have a dark side, it can shine as the inside of a diamond.


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