Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Psychology in Marketing

The ratio between our conscient and subconscient behaviour? 

Research puts that at 10/90. 

Especially over the last decade neuro-psychologists claim to have proven that the free will does not even exist - all our thoughts and actions would be governed by social and cultural determination. 

Let's not get into this debate though - it's still a highly controversial one that generates very much resistance. 

150 years after Darwin we can more or less generally accept that we are an animal among animals: considering we do not even have a free will is still a bridge too far and might take another century to digest. 

It is clear though why marketing has always fully focussed on the subconsciousness.

Targeting ratio would be a miss in 9 times out of 10 and thus no professional marketer can get away with that. 

It's the reason why top psychologists (neuro or not) are the heart at the marketing labs of multinationals.  

Or why 85% of all active websites fail: no knowledge of or access to important information, no budget to invest in quality (the very first thing picked up by the radar of our subconciousness/instinct) or simply forever trying to sell to the ratio and not to the iceberg under it. 

Sure!! We humans do wish to think that we made a rational decision. So your website has to provide the content that would back up a rational decision - it can't be 100% about emotion and feel. 

For 90% though : YES.

Hence why TV commercials are what they are: 

Selling the freedom, not the car.
Selling the social status, not the tablet.
Selling the possibility of sex, not the perfume.

Sell the feel, never the product.


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