Friday, 20 December 2013

I wish you a Vermeer Christmas

Vermeer is the antidote for all things stress or alienation. 

Looking at his painting here, one wonders whether 'Zen' only popped up as fashion and trend - 
when we no longer possessed it.

Just as rustic furniture only became a fashion from the moment rusticism disappeared from our lives.  

Or as the umbrella being invented when getting wet suddenly turned into a problem

Of course the state of complete inner peace is not reserved to a specific Asian culture. We used to all know it. 

Looking at this lovely milkmaid we experience a stillness of mind of an era long gone by. Trivial as her action may be, she is one with the moment. And right she is. It is also a moment in her life. Can we even remember the last time we had a moment of such almost religious surrender? 

If only we could enjoy this full contentment, of natural light, our surroundings, our decoration, our action - or 'job' if you wish.

Looking at a Vermeer one becomes a still life one self. Sheer inner peace. 


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