Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Religion, Art and Marketing

In Brussels alone, the budget spent on pharmaceuticals amounts to a million euro - per night.

But through all major cities runs a never ending river of trucks bringing in tranquilizers, sleeping pills and anxiety suppressants.

It's not Big Business. It's Mind Blowing Business.

OF COURSE art and religion remain on the back burner in education.

Education is not here to make us happy or healthy. It is not here to teach children how to deal with their own aggression, low self esteem, cope with failure, bullying or general survival.
If anything, it does NOT want to teach us all that. Happy people or people who feel at peace with themselves, are not good for the economy.
They don't need to go shopping, they don't need beauty farms or wellness centers, they don't need the latest shiny tool to fill any void or experience a temporary rush of contentment. Not to mention just how many professionals in physical and mental health would suffer because of the lack of customers.
Education is here as fuel for the economy. Nothing more. And the economy demands we feel averagely satisfied. More or less happy. Not unhappy rather than happy.
The whole of marketing is aimed at promising you happiness. Promising you success, popularity, beauty and happiness.
I know, I work in marketing. And love it.
And am not even its subversive member.
My thinking is the same as the one that is slowly spreading throughout the whole industry.
That people want a real Christmas, not a marketing version of it.



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