Sunday, 15 December 2013

There's nothing that art can't cure

This is an article to read slowly.
Living in the moment is the cure to many things.
And the rest is solved by art.

Stress? Art. Loneliness? Art.
The problem you are having right now? Art.
Your website doesn't convert visitors into clients? Art.

It's the reason why artists are the poorest members of society - and the richest. More than psychiatrists, than life coaches, than entertainers, than business consultants, more than SEO's, more than soccer players - more than anyone anywhere, it are great artists that are remembered and that people turn to.

Why a museum can trigger half of the income of a city.

Why behind every new invention in consumer technology there is not only a great IT specialist, but also a great designer. 
Popular culture entertains us, art heals us. It doesn't matter if you define yourself as not culture minded - at one point or the other, you as well will turn to art. And more often than not, you don't know WHY.
If all else fails, every career move or every valium, we turn to art.
We try to contain our feelings by putting them into words. By precisely defining them. Most of our deeper feelings though are inexplicable.
So we give up and say: something is wrong. Something seems to be lacking.
Many of us don't believe in an official religion. We turn to surrogate religions (positivism, the Secret, New Age, Herbalife, Apple) and also there we give up and end by saying: "But I believe there's something".
We live in the era of Somethingism. Of Somethingity.
As a matter of fact, we've always lived there. For here is something you should realise:
In the ocean of time, it is - what?  100 years since we read? A few thousand years since a very first person in our species could write?  A little bit more since we communicate by using a language?
Compare that to the hundreds of thousands of years that we survived by 'reading' images.
Landscapes. Patterns in the sky. An intuitive scanning of the surroundings.
We are all still far, far, far better at 'reading' moods, situations, faces, an atmosphere, than words. (Marketing Manager, this is why your website has a low conversion rate).

This is what art does to you or for you.

Reach you, HIT YOU, on that deeper level.

Straight to your limbic brain, past your day-to-day defense systems, your average 'house-garden-kitchen' rationality.

And fix it there.
Art is the big defragmenter of your brain.
The cleanser of your hard disc.

If you let it in.



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