Saturday, 21 December 2013

Website conversion starts with 7 seconds

This is the time you as a website owner have: 7 SECONDS.

I NEVER work with stock photography. It seriously hurts the conversion.
This is the time span in which your website visitors will make their emotional decision. 

Whether or not they will take your site into account as a possible contender.

To make it to their 'shortlist', so to speak. 

So not even whether they will convert into a customer, but whether it's realistic to expect such conversion. It's the first and most important step towards website conversion. 

As I described at length before: website visitors scan, not read.  Just as at any time in history or any place in nature, our immediate reaction is the question: fight or flight? 

Always remember that language and words are brand new. For the greatest part of our history we humans 'read' environments, patterns in the sky, eyes, attitudes. 

It's the drum roll of the song, the first notes of the symphony, that will decide whether you are willing to start listening or not. 

It's the reason why template websites do not work, why stock photography doesn't work, etc. They are instantly recognized as such, and you as website manager are judged on it.

For their subliminal message is: 'I could not be bothered to invest time or original thought in it, or do not have the budget for it'

So all your words about how good you are, how professional, how successful - instantly sound false or parochial. 

It's also the reason why so much effort and money poured into SEO or paid advertising are wasted: you are nothing with 10.000 website visitors a month or even a day, if only a fraction converts into a customer (and most probably even a fraction without potential).

If a website manager is serious about website conversion - he or she needs to be serious in the first place.

And the first step is realizing that your website is scanned by intuition and instinct... long before the ratio starts to read.


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