Friday, 3 January 2014

Marketing Rule 1: Cater to expectations

Obviously, one has to exceed expectations. 

However, the overwhelming majority of websites does not even cater to normal, standard expectations. And that's the very, very first rule of thumb

This is me with a Senseo. Or a Voluto from Nespresso

Now these are products of the (Dutch) Philips or the (French) NestlĂ©. 

So what's with the Italian names? 

The era that Italian coffee was the best in the world is long, long gone. 

However, that reputation still lingers on. It is too deeply ingrained to fight on your own. 

It is the general expectation that anything related to coffee just has to be Italian. 

If you wish to optimize your chances in marketing, you better keep an eye on such expectations in consumer psychology. 

What does that mean for you? As a start, you can learn from highly successful websites. For example: what are the websites that YOU visit or forever return to? That YOU remember or have shared with others? 

Chances are that the quality or originality or usefulness of your own website… do not live up to your own expectations. Without realizing, you might have become quite a demanding online visitor. The chances are very big that others are just like you. 

If you do not cater to the expectations of flawlessness and impeccable navigation, on all carriers, you might be like the jewelry store behind a battered barn door. Nobody will walk in. 

Tip: Organize a poll

Ask people what they honestly think of your website, and whether they would do business with you. 

Naturally, you do not ask friends or relatives - unless they are your target market. If they are not, search for contacts that are peers of the audience that you actually target. (Managing directors of SME if you target SME's, marketing managers of hotel chains if you target 4 and 5 star hotels, etc). 

To start your marketing on the right foot in 2014, make it cost-effective and optimize its potential - you first and foremost have to cater to the expectations of 2014. 

And of course - I am always in for a poll. 


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