Thursday, 6 February 2014

One web page that will change your world

And you will be the copywriter of it and it will turn your business around: You will write about the biggest secret of your company.

That thing you have never ever wanted to tell, out of fear for the competition.

Why oh why would you do that??

FIRSTLY, amidst 2 trillion web pages a visitor will actually find something worth the while, new and interesting.
This hardly ever happens. Visiting Facebook, YouTube and the website of your bank aside, surfing online is equal to a bored clicking. We all KNOW that we should surprise and fascinate online visitors, and almost never act on it.
Consequently, that one website that does so, jumps completely out of the stack and will be remembered.  
SECONDLY, it enhances your standing as a serious player.  For only the strong can do such a thing. It will increase the credibility of your brand, as well as the aura of success. (And we know: people go to where people are, we go for a drink at the successful bar, not the one without people in it).

Credibility and memorability: the 2 biggest obstacles of websites of small companies.

You will be triggering a sigh of relief: finally, amidst the 2 trillion web pages forever repeating and copy/pasting exactly the same information, here is someone who actually teaches me something.  

Sure, your website first needs to have a basis of credibility. Nobody is interested in the secret of your company if that company has no success in the first place.

Why are we always so afraid to share our 'business secrets'? 

You'd think we are sitting on Coca-Cola's 'secret recipe'.

Blind tests show that people prefer the taste of Pepsi over Coca-Cola. Always. Everywhere. Without exception. I performed that test myself. With friends.   With clients. With family. With acquaintances who are Coca-Cola die hards

So much for 'the secret recipe'. You would not want to have it. If you'd had it, it wouldn't help you. It's only part of the mythology and thus Brand, and that's where it stops. Secrets are not the issue. 

My own secret?
You know that my specialty is SEO. I rank very high for 'SEO Advisor'. For 'web designer Malaga'. Just to name a few. I have been testing SEO unlike anyone else. For years on end. 

And my secret is that SEO has the lowest ROI of all marketing strategies: it are credibility and memorability that make companies successful online. Branding. A SEO specialist is only valuable when your company is already working. 

Only when this dawned on me and started to test this route, I moved from a struggling free-lancer into the business professional I wanted to be. 

'Va pensiero, sull'ali dorati'. 
Verdi: 'Go, thought, on wings of gold'.

You definitely know what your target market would definitely be interested in. What tone you need to use. Slice through the millions of competing web pages, most of them a matter of copy/paste or providing 'interesting' (yawn) information.

Stop going for satisfied customers or satisfied readers. You want them to rave about you. See you and trust you to be THE authority.

Mediocrity will always struggle.


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