Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Commercial Web Design in Tervuren

There's a convention that says: to be successful as business you need 20% skill and 80% sales. 

That would mean we'd better all get a degree in Sales and then, in the weekend or so, also study a skill. 

Another convention talks about 50% skill and 50% playing golf.

And for sure there's a convention somewhere saying you can't market yourself with a photo of you smoking. 

So much for conventions. 

I'm not a sales person, I'm a marketer

That means: the person opening the door towards the market

The sales person stands in the door and converts the visitor into a customer: the task of the marketer is to get that visitor there in the first place

So I don't play golf, I'm not one to go to network events and I definitely don't start cold calling. With as result that I've got customers from Dubai and Cologne, but not a single one in my home town of Tervuren.

I market my Web Design skills. Selling only occurs when the phone rings.

It's Not Done to be seen smoking in an advert, so I do it. For my own business I love the Zig-Zag Theory of Marketing:

'When all web designs go to the left, you go to the right'

For sure, few businesses have that luxury. For in the first place one needs to cater to expectations. And cater to the largest common denominator of the target market.

It's only one of these advantages of very small businesses: there's no chain of command, no never ending decision process and one can be astonishingly flexible and quick as silver: surfing on the waves of the expectations and fashions of the day itself. 

In such a case, sales is not necessary. Marketing is a very uniform world, where everyone wants or does what the competitor is doing - so just working with the Zig-Zag Theory is sufficient for me.

(It also helps that being a bit subversive or creative is accepted, even expected from web designers - and that Tervuren is close to Brussels, which rings more bells to international clients).

And so every business has its very own marketing potential 

The one hurdle being: detecting it.

What is that one marketing strategy that will attract the right customer, over online competition, with the highest potential at the lowest cost or least effort? 

My convention: marketing is 80% thinking and 20% work.

To be good at marketing, you need to be good at knowing humans.
Those humans that are your target market.


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