Sunday, 14 December 2014

The generation of 2015

This can seem to be a depressing post. It's not. I'm in awe for the change that is taking place. 

The 'crisis' as some call it. The 'transition' as others say. The 'change in online behaviour of Generation Z' as studied by marketers. 

We humans are definitely on a course to something new. We used to be producersOnly some 60 years ago we slowly turned into consumers

Today we are products. Placing ourselves in the market just as any Brand does.

We market ourselves and protect our image all day long. From carrying the 'right' smart phone to check-in at the 'right' places. For it's our image that lands us our 'Likes', '+1s', social contacts, the client or the job. 

Snappy, catchy, and instant memorable we've become. Summarizing ourselves into that one single image. A shift from a focus on character to personality to packaging in one single century. 

For sure this is partly a result of the hourly continuing growth-avalanche of the world's population. The more people around us, the less their value, the stronger the competition in still being seen

We can only wonder what the next step could be. It might be: disposable products

Which isn't the strangest of thoughts, if you picked up on the news that the new laser weapons of the American Army can now 'zap' people away. Delete, and done. 

If for corporations we're already largely 'data' today, imagine what this will be if in this century our population will double once again, as it has done a few times over the past century. 

Until we're only what for example Google already is: some sort of collective consciousness. Flocks of birds that shape gorgeous and forever changing patterns in the sky. Following the Pied Piper, the one we want to be associated with most, and do so for he's got the best, deepest and most advanced knowledge of us. 

For sure we humans can be happy in every shape, form or organisation. It might even near an overwhelming religious experience, to be part of something so big. 

In my line of work I know it takes 10 people to create a good website. We need the collective. Studies forever show we're also at our happiest when being part of something. 

It may seem strange to us how Generation Z seems to be in permanent contact, not with an inner circle but with the whole world and all the time, collecting 200 Likes on a post whereas Generation X is happy with 20 and the Baby Boomer prefers private one-to-one communication on the side - but was there ever any generation that understood the next one?

There's nothing bad nor depressing about how we humans evolve. It is what it is and nothing and nobody can stop the twirling of the patterns.

It can go this way, or that way - or a thousand other directions and shapes.

Human life, as always, keeps being fascinating and personally I think that the generation of 2015 might well be the next Great Generation, just as much as the one of 1968 and the GI Generation, if not, greater. 

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