Sunday, 18 January 2015

Notes on the 'Je Suis wave'

One can understand that Obama did SO not want to be included in that photo-op.

The acute threat of being kissed and hugged by the French president is one. The ever lasting importance of an iconic photo another. 

It would have been the precise opposite of 'winning hearts and minds'. For hearts and minds always remember just one thing and one thing only. And stick with that first impression for a very long time. It's practily irreversible. 

Just like an irreversible impression is made the second your website opens.

What good is it for Europe to have so much, if the unforgettable image etched into the world's collective mind is that of some cartoons somewhere? 

1% of the cartoons seen by 0.1% of the French and 0.001% of all other Europeans, and now some terror guys and some politicians seem to have turned it into our logo.  

I'm one of the 395 million Europeans who did not use that expression, but there you go, it's always about perception and symbols. 

Everybody, bar the average and well-meaning European, tried to brand himself that day. Quite annoying for Europe as a brand itself. 


PS: Tourist, it's safe now, the threat level of being kissed-and-hugged by presidents has been lowered to yellow!

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