Friday, 20 March 2015

The Sellers' Stockholm Syndrome

Turning a business around can be as difficult as turning a belief system around.

For when we talk humans, we talk patterns and habits

We keep striking the same note day after day, and few of us get out of it. 

Monitor a human one week and there's a big chance you can more or less accurately predict the rest of her/his life.

What he/she eats, does, thinks in those other 3000 weeks - can already be imagined by the habits detected in the first. 

As mentioned in the Buyers' Stockholm Syndrome, we are creatures - almost slaves - of habit: once a decision was made we keep falling back on it, as though it was a unique bolt of lightning of clarity and truth

For that's easy, and least energy consuming.

Nothing, literally nothing is as energy consuming as thinking, as actually setting the grey cells into motion - for they too will have the habit of forever turning back to square 0: the Habit.

After 13 years of working in marketing I can safely say this is one of the biggest obstacles I ever encounter. 

It doesn't matter for many customers that their social networking is not working, that they've tried out dozens of 'free SEO tips' online and they're not working either, that their website is not working "so maybe I should put a special on there"... 'we always do it likes this', 'it's what we always do'.

So they go on, forever pushing the same car uphill, not so much in the conviction or even vague hope that one day they will hit a gold mine - but because they won't have to go through that massively energy consuming mental U-turn. 

It's such an iron curtain that me too I have learned not to spend too much energy on trying to convince anyone to look at their marketing from a different perspective. I don't advise people to stop their social networking habits or to refrain from 'on top of Google for 29€' packages. 

And least of all that habit of thinking: "Well, I've got 2000 visitors a month but no clients, so maybe when I have 4000 visitors..."

That's what they do, that's their pattern, and I focus on those who are already convinced of the importance of quality. It's far, far, far easier to double your business by doubling your conversion than by doubling traffic - and near impossible to explain that to anyone else than those who already know that.

If we want our business to turn around, we need to turn around.
If we want our marketing to be better, we need to be better.

And that is: snap out of habits.
They're ineffective, waste money, energy and time.

For a seller nothing is as difficult as pushing the Reset Button. 
And for businesses wasting money on marketing without seeing much return, nothing is more needed than that.