Thursday, 30 April 2015

Get well soon, Web Designer

Half the world is Web Designer. But one that improves your business results? Very rare. 

One that improves business results very much? More rare than a unicorn!  

If you spot one, put a fence around him or her, and shower him or her with money.

He or she is that one moon in a milky way of specks. Something lovely, refreshing, unique, making your day, day after day.

Get well soon, you Unicorn!

It took me over 20 designers before your instantly noticeable touch and change in results.

You touching a website means it instantly changes (improves) in results. Simply for that very good feel for - and living in - the target market. 

That when talking a web designer we're talking many quality levels in the eye for design, web development, knowledge of SEO, conversion, psycho-social triggers, navigation, the balance between the pillars - not to mention the reliability, ethics and speed. 

Get well soon. In the mean time: no web design services through to July. 

Only for existing customers. 


PS: And thank you, Rafi, for your poetic photo! 

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