Monday, 22 June 2015

Rather a Spanish bull than a Belgian cow

What's so noble about treating animals as crop? 

A country where you can find road signs such as this one, is not a bad place for bulls.

In the north of Europe I've never seen 3 cows have a whole valley to themselves. Nor road signs warning: Chickens crossing! Pigs crossing! For sure the end of their lives is more 'humane', for they have none.

Instincts deleted, adrenaline repressed. Capacity to mate or fight: not necessary. You're nothing but a vegetable, a grain of sand in the mass industry of a forever growing meat consumption. You end up on a plate while people discuss the flavour of the sauce. You're a cog in the statistics of the obesity rate, not to mention Global Warming. 

But we come to southern Spain and say: "Tsss".

It's in our genes to want to expand in all directions. Our opinions, our cultural habits. As though the town we grew up in is the measure of all things. And, of course, it's also in our genes to strengthen our defense when under attack: the best way to keep the tradition of the bullfight alive is for foreigners to criticize it. 

(A few things regarding gay rights in Africa or democracy in Russia jump to mind too). 

By the way, I met some Andalusian men who are bulls themselves, so much so that sometimes I can see that it is a fair fight. To be able to live all the adrenaline, power, speed and tactics that evolution has provided... oh yes, as Hemingway I'd much rather be a Spanish bull than a German cow. 

OK, I'm in Andalusia again and, as always, my love for the region is skyrocketing. For sure I'm telling things that might upset others - you know how it goes when you see thin ice... you just have to tread on it. You just have to step closer to that canyon.

This is not a pro-corrida article. Only one to stress that there are 2 sides to every coin. Together we will find a middle way.