Monday, 20 July 2015

The 3 secrets of happiness

I'm at that age where it starts to feel natural to spread wisdoms.

There has been enough mud, mist and wilderness to also stumble over diamonds. 

Enough time has gone by to let most lose their lustre,  and recognise the ones that still shine decades later. 

Here are the diamonds that made all the difference for me myself - small and simple, for great truths do not need capitals nor exclamation marks:

'Choose your friends wisely'

For we are nothing but the average of the people we spend most time with. They are decisive for your quality, ethics, integrity, wisdom, fun, mildness, reliability, stability, freshness, self-motivation, spice, success - and ultimately your happiness. 

'It's never the destination, always the journey'

Try to avoid destinations at any cost - be them geographical, financial or psychological. They are good to have, for they provide direction and are the icing on the cake, but nothing more than that. Destinations, especially the popular ones, are, per definition, downtrodden, beaten, unoriginal, lacklustre, inside the box. The city-trip can be 'OK', 'cool' or 'great' - it's the journey that can provide four-letter word extasis, satisfaction and insights. 

'When you come to a fork in the road, take it'

Don't get grey hair pondering about the choice. Great opportunities are very rare: cease them. In fact this is also a bit of a sad wisdom: it's already been decided. Whether you take the left or the right, your personality, character, temperament will still be with you - and ultimately lead you to the very same point. DID you make the wrong decision, no worries: 'It's never the destination, always the journey'. DO you think that your character or temperament or background obstruct you: 'Choose your friends wisely'. 


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