Thursday, 17 August 2017

Don't LGBT me

I belong to a species long before I belong to a sexuality. 

I belong to a society, a religion, a gender, a culture, a group of friends and a group of people with the same passion - all before I belong to a sexuality.

Yes, I'm one of those who finds that a Pride Parade sends all the wrong signals:

- That society is so homophobic, whereas it isn't. 
- That it is so much so, that it overrules all other problems (hunger, poverty, illness). 
- That those last few people who are homophobic, aren't allowed to have their feel or view. 
- That our frustrations are so much more important than those of anyone else. 
- and that 'our' history, is so much more painful than that of anyone else.  

If gay teenagers consistently keep having one of the highest depression and suicide rates of all social groups, and a few decades of Pride Parades did not do anything to change that - they are also useless. For it points at: not giving these teenagers pride. On the contrary: pinning them down in the role of victim in the Drama Triangle. 

It feels like getting out of a closet only to climb into one with more people.
The overruling of the bedroom over any other room in our lives. 

Personally I can't really get rid of the idea of extreme selfishness: « let's fight for a cause... but only ours. Ours is the cause we need to advance ». That's no cause, that's being self-centered. And the word « fight » has no place here either. 

Especially in a civilization that is already in chaos, for no longer having a shared set of morals and splintering into dozens of sub-tribes, I don't see this as much help. Society should be the cause. All those who are poor, or struggling, or disabled, or are mocked for their looks, or their speech, or their weight or their height, or are addicted, or despressed, etc. etc. That means: all of us. 

I embrace society and society embraces me. If someone does not, then so be it. I'm not the end product of millions of years of evolution to not be able to cope with a stupid tweet. I even find it insulting if someone finds that I need to be defended.

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