Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Tweeting towards the end

A Canadian tweeted something about Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia tweeted a whole show back. 

What was it all about? Their mutual 6 billion dollar weapons agreement? The 8 million Yemenis living in serious danger of famine and malaria, thanks to such weapon agreements? 

No no, it was about 2 human rights activists. 
Allowing one to boast about "defending Canadian values", and the other about not being lectured. Things that sound well in 280 characters. Shakespeare for 2018. 

Eat your heart out, Yemen. Syria. Libya. Afghanistan. Iraq. Iran. All you unfortunate masses of the Euphrates basin, being shredded to pieces on a daily basis, morally, economically, psychologically and physically. CNN is about The Issue, the 2 human rights activists. 

O tempora, o mores. 
You know that a tempora is finished, when the mores are. 

One tweet at a time "The West" toddles deeper into its moral collapse, social collapse, health collapse and ecological collapse. 

If you've read a tad too many history books, you know we're just still waiting for the last 2 pillars: the monetary and the military collapse. 

Right because our monetary system (the PetroDollar) is on a dangerously slippery slope, its military goes into this crazy and dangerous overdrive. With the Trump Show as the Circus dividing our attention and energy. The Obama Show just no longer did it, we need more show, more gossip, more rage, more left wing and right wing slaves rolling over the streets. 

As our grand parents, as most generations who ever lived before WW2, we know we are going to experience something ominous. We know that we as well, will hear it at one point: "Babylon has fallen, has fallen"! 

The one who controls the well, controls all life around it. From water well that went to river, from river to the seas, and from the seas to the greatest wells to ever have existed: the oil- and gas fields. We can afford 40 military bases around them, for these bases pay for themselves (better put: are totally free). Because of them, we can afford to control the skies and control space and control thoughts. 

As Lot, you smile and walk away from it all. You do not even turn back to have a last look at it. These things shall come to pass. They always did. And we always forgot it, after every 50 years of being lulled into sleep. 

This was a society that created the largest army of slaves ever to have existed in history. The greatest exploitation of farmers who grow the cheap food. The highest amount of victims at the basis of our clothes and lifestyle and gadgets. You don’t even have another look at that crumbling society, built on shifting sands. 

You don't want to stop it and you don't want to help that collapse. Least of all, you try to convince others. Who has got ears, will hear, who has got eyes, will see. Just to name one single of the greatest wisdoms of all times. 

Nobody knows the time or the hour. That each of us will hear that phrase: « The dollar has fallen, has fallen ». Or, more probably, Damascus. Just as Pharaoh fell, that quintessential emblem of oppression, slavery, exploitation, ego and indulgence. Just as Hitler did and Stalin and Mao and all rulers who presented themselves so beautifully as the new saviors. 

It doesn’t matter. We are all, once again, or as we never stopped being, Adams and Eves, alone. Nor media nor schooling system are there to help. We are back to sensing the ambiance around the cave, reading the patterns in the sky, seeing the writings on the wall, admiring the tapestry of life. Hoping that we are one little thread in it, making it more beautiful. 

You protect the functioning of your internal GPS, the incredible and unbeatable intuition and instincts, and smile and turn away, over the mountains to a next valley. And you don’t turn back, for it doesn’t mean a thing. You’ve got the future in your eyes. 

This is the last post in my blog. Marketing has become just a tad too superficial a topic. I'm grateful for everything it taught me, and I hope it was useful to someone. 

Now life is about celebrating life and back-to-basics, in the blog BenHurs.Com

Thank you,


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